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Murfreesboro Criminal Defense Attorney

Serving All of Rutherford County: Smyrna, LaVergne & Surrounding Communities in Middle Tennessee

If you are facing DUI charges or other criminal charges in Murfreesboro or elsewhere in middle Tennessee, it is important that you seek competent legal representation from an attorney who is experienced in criminal defense. If you have never been involved with the criminal justice system before, you may be feeling confused, worried, and stressed over the consequences of these charges and what they mean to your personal life, your job, your driving privileges, your finances, and your future. All of these are valid concerns and can be addressed by the Murfreesboro criminal defense lawyer at the firm. Parkerson Santel, PLLC can provide experienced and competent legal representation to help you avoid a criminal conviction and minimize the damaging consequences of such charges whether they are your first offense or a subsequent one.

Attorney Thomas Parkerson and Tommy Santel each spent 6 years prosecuting cases as an Assistant District Attorney General in Rutherford County. They have prosecuted thousands of cases, taking many to jury trials. Because of this extensive experience in the courtroom as a prosecutor, both lawyers have deep understandings of how the State develops its case against you, how to counteract the prosecution, how to negotiate with prosecutors on your behalf when appropriate, and how to zealously protect your rights and work towards achieving the most favorable outcome possible.

Areas of Practice: Murfreesboro Criminal Defense

As seasoned Murfreesboro criminal defense attorneys, Parkerson Santel, PLLC handles all types of criminal cases throughout Murfreesboro and all of the surrounding communities in middle Tennessee including:

The firm also can provide you with valuable information on DUI defense strategies and DUI penalties.

Despite the criminal charges you are facing, whether it is a minor misdemeanor offense or a serious felony crime, it is always important for you to reach out to an experienced lawyer. With help from a lawyer, you may be able to protect your future and avoid harsh repercussions at the same time. All criminal offenses are associated with serious punishments, and if you are found guilty of offending the law, you could potentially find yourself facing years or even decades of imprisonment, hefty fines, probation and much more. Not only will the offense leave a permanent mark on your criminal record, but it will also leave you with a tarnished reputation and most likely without employment.

No employer wants to employ a convicted criminal. Upon finding out that you have been charged with a crime, your boss may terminate your employment on the spot. Future employers may pass over your application after finding out that you have been arrested or convicted. Protect your future now! Call a Murfreesboro criminal defense lawyer from Parkerson Santel, PLLC immediately after you have been arrested or charged with a criminal offense. After helping dozens of clients throughout Murfreesboro, Smyrna, LaVergne and the surrounding Tennessee cities and counties, the firm is ready to take on any criminal case with aggression, passion and drive. Speak with the firm today to learn your rights and options at the current time.

Consult with a Murfreesboro Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you are facing criminal charges or a criminal investigation or if you have been arrested for a DUI, your first order of business should be to consult with the attorney at the firm as soon as possible to discuss the specific facts of your situation. Your lawyer can review your case, give you competent advice about your legal rights, options, and how you should proceed. In the case of a DUI, it is important that you act in order to handle the restoration of your driving privileges as soon as possible. An attorney at the firm can assist you with this as well as engage in all available legal strategies on your behalf. The sooner you retain the firm's services, the more efficient they can be in devising an effective legal defense.

Contact a Murfreesboro criminal defense attorney at the firm today if you are facing a DUI or criminal charges.